The Best Traps for Survival

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If you find yourself in a tough survival situation in which you are depending on the limited resources in the land to survive. One of the hardest challenges you’re most likely to face is finding food. The best way to do that is through hunting which can be done successfully by setting a trap. Hunting can prove to be vital in a survival situation where you are starving. In order to save yourself from losing valuable energy in such a crucial situation you need to know how to build survival traps. Following are the best survival traps:

  • Survival Snare

A snare is basically a little noose that tends to tighten around an animal’s neck as it passes through the hole and makes the animal to choke. Survival snare traps are usually placed on familiar animal trails or outside of den holes. While making a survival snare trap make sure the size of noose is sufficient enough to allow the animal’s head to pass through. When the animal will move through the snare it will tighten around his neck and the more the animal will try to get loose the tighter the snare will get.

  • Deadfall Trap

Deadfalls are built to crush the animal once the trigger is set free. Carve a flat screwdriver point on one stick as this will become the vertical post. Now slice another screwdriver point on one side of a stick and a notch close to the opposite side of the stick as this will be the diagonal stick. Cut a notch at one end of the third stick, and cut a point for bait. You should now lay out the sticks so that they may look like the digit 4, line up the vertical post and slice a notch on the horizontal bait stick to ensure that it catches the carved square edge on the post. At the end combine the three sticks so that the notches may catch each other and carry the deadfall weight.

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