Significance of Fire Starters

Significance of Fire Starters
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Fire starters can prove to be an incredibly significant tool out in the wilderness, which is why it is essential that you include many of them in the emergency kit when planning to go outdoors.  There is a variety of fire starters available in many shapes and sizes. When going out for camping or other outdoor event don’t forget to carry at least 3 different ways to start a fire because if one or two methods fail you will have a third one as an alternative.  Fire starters can be used to cook food, signal rescuers and to offer you a warm shelter. Following are the best fire starters in case of emergency:

  • Flint and Steel

In flint and steel fire starter when flint strikes the steel it removes small pieces of metal that become heated by the friction and produces sparks. These sparks can then be directed towards char cloth to create fire.

The latest version of flint and steel is composed of ferrocerium alloy instead of flint which helps to create longer sparks. Flint and steel are light and portable fire starters and they work even in moisture conditions.

  • Fire Piston

The fire piston fire starter comprises of a thick walled tube with only one opening.  Tinder is inserted into the tube after which a rod perfectly matching the interior of the tube is inserted to prevent any air escaping.  When the rod is depressed consistently then the air inside of the tube is compressed so rapidly that it heats up to the point when the fire ignites. 

  • Lighter

Lighter is without any doubt one of the best fire starters it is very easy to use, portable, light weight and cheap. A lighter combines a mechanical striker usually a thumb operated wheel or a thumb operated button with a fuel source to produce a small flame. 

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