The Best Sleeping Bags for Camping

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Sleeping bags keep you warm and comfortable by trapping air next to your body. It is mandatory for you to have a good night sleep in order to do a successful camping. Always be careful when choosing a sleeping bag as it can make or break you’re good night sleep. When camping always prefer a sleeping bag with temperature rating lower than the temperature you expect to encounter. If you encounter near freezing temperatures then prefer a 20°F sleeping bag over a 35°F bag. Sleeping bags come in many shapes and sizes. A rectangular sleeping bag provides maximum roominess as you can mate two bags in the form of a double bed. Semi rectangular sleeping bag offers more warmth and efficiency than rectangular bags. Mummy bag comprises of a narrow shoulder and hip widths which helps to maximize warmth and lessen weight. A double-wide bag provides enough room for two people to sleep comfortably. Following are the best sleeping bags for camping:

  1. Synthetic Insulation Bag

Campers prefer synthetic insulation bag for camping in wet conditions where you expect the bag to get wet. Synthetic insulation bag can insulate even when it gets wet. It is less expensive than down insulation and hypoallergenic. However it is heavier, less comfortable and compressible than down insulation bag.

  1. Goose Down Insulation Bag

Goose down insulation bag is more compressible and long lasting than synthetic but it is a bit more expensive than synthetic insulation bag.

  1. Down Insulation Bag

This bag is more comfortable, durable and provides more warmth than synthetic bag. It is best used for camping at places where you don’t expect the bag to get wet. However down insulation bag cannot insulate when it gets wet and is not hypoallergenic. It is more difficult to clean down insulation bags than synthetic bags.

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